Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ep. 4.11 Cabin Fever, Pt. 2: Q&A

Lostpedia is a fantastic resource for all things Lost. I was looking through their review of Cabin Fever and came across a bunch of questions at the end. I thought it would be fun to take a stab at answering them here:

Flashback Scenes
How did Richard get to the mainland?
The same way Ben got to Tunisia. He has been unstuck in space and can “teleport” from one place to another.

Why did Richard think Locke was special?
Because he remembers the future and he has seen the role that Locke is destined to play in the restoration of Jacob and the overthrow of Benjamin Linus.

Which were the items that belonged to John already?
The Book of Laws (as a leader on the Island) and the vial of sand (representing the island) and the knife (from his role as a “hunter” after the crash of Oceanic 815).

Why was he disappointed in Locke's choice?
Because Locke couldn’t see past his “hunter” role to his ultimate destiny. He was short-sighted, not ready to see who he really was.

Why did they want to recruit Locke for Mittelos Bioscience Science Camp?
To test if he was ready to recognize his destiny yet. Future John Locke already knows what Mittlelos is, so teenage Locke should recognize it if he is truly in tune with his destiny.

Does adult Locke remember meeting Richard in his youth? Did he recognize him on the island?
Eventually adult Locke will be unstuck from space and time and will be able to remember all things, past, present, and future. But at this point, he is still coming to grips with his destiny. He may have felt some deja-vu when he met Richard on the island, but he doesn’t understand it… yet.

Why is Abaddon interested in Locke?
For the same reason Richard is interested in him, and Ms. Hawking and Father Campbell were interested in Desmond. Locke has a role to play and needed some guidance along his journey.

What happened during Abaddon's walkabout?
Abaddon was speaking metaphorically. Abaddon was a slave on the Black Rock. When he came to the island, he learned who he really was. He became a follower of Jacob and was lead by Widmore before Ben took control of the island.

On the Island
What is Frank's intent in giving the survivors a satellite phone?
So Jack and the others can find them and stop Keamy.

How is Locke supposed to move the island?
Good question. I don’t know.

Where is Jacob, and why are Christian and Claire in his cabin?
Jacob is imprisoned somewhere. Christian (who is dead) has been recruited by the Universe (like Charlie and Libby) to play a role in this final drama against Ben. This is Christian’s chance to redeem himself for the mistakes of his life. Claire (who may or may not be dead) is playing a role in it as well, but I don’t know what that is yet.

Why was Claire so calm and nonchalant?
Because at heart she has always been a cool hippy chick who likes imaginary peanut butter.

Why did Christian ask Locke not to tell anyone that he saw Claire in the cabin with him?
Awesome question. No idea.

How does Christian know Keamy and his men are on their way back to the island?
Because it has already happened – the future, past, and present are one eternal round – the universe knows all and Christian is working on the side of the Universe.

Where is the "one place" that Ben would go to hide, as stated by Keamy on the ship?
Two possibilities: The temple or the Orchid station. Not sure.

Why is Ben no longer the chosen one?
He never was the chosen one. Everything he has he stole from Charles Widmore.

Who was the Others' leader before Ben?
Charles Widmore.

On the Kahana Freighter
What causes the time fluctuations that allowed for Ray's body to wash ashore before he was killed on the freighter?
An electromagnetic “bubble” atmosphere thingy around the island. Certain coordinates are required to pass through the bubble. If they are not followed exactly, they can send a person to a slightly different place in time.

Why does Ray's body wash ashore a full day before the helicopter reaches the island?
It hit the bubble at a coordinate that sent it backwards by a day.

What is the secondary protocol?
Another way of Widmore “changing the rules.” It explains what happens in the future so that they can anticipate and change it.

What is the device strapped to Keamy's arm?
Something that monitors his heartbeat. If his heartbeat stops, it triggers a massive (nuclear?) explosion that burns the entire island.


Kyle said...

Great post, RHZ! I agree will most all of your answers. Here are some different ideas I came up with...

How is Locke supposed to move the island?

Assuming that the Temple and the Orchid Station are separate places, I think this will take place in the Temple. The island won’t be moved by material means, but by spiritual means. And it won’t be easy. Locke will face a “dark night of the soul” before he is able to move the island. Remember how Ben said there are consequences to being chosen? Locke will have to make a decision, make a sacrifice – do something incredibly painful that goes against everything that the old “Hunter Locke” stands for. It will be the FINAL test to see if Locke TRULY is the “chosen one”. I’m predicting this will be a cliffhanger.

Why was Claire so calm and nonchalant?
She’s been fundamentally changed and enlightened. Through Christian’s and/or Jacob’s guidance, she has become “unstuck” in time. She now knows her destiny, Aaron’s destiny, and the destiny of the island.

Why did Christian ask Locke not to tell anyone that he saw Claire in the cabin with him?
It would cause the Losties to initiate a search and rescue mission for Clarie, which, 1. Would be of no use to Claire – she’s more perfectly fine now than anyone could imagine, and, 2. Would cause everyone to temporarily and needlessly stray from their paths of destiny during this critical time for the island.

Redheaded Zombie said...

I like it. Especially the part about Locke's cliffhanger sacrifice. Interesting.