Monday, May 19, 2008

Faraday's notebook

We got another peek inside Faraday's notebook last week.

Among all the scribbled equations, I was really happy to see the following messages:

Timelike Factor

Spacelike Factors


So what does it mean? It means I'm right, of course -- there is a difference between consciousness-time-life-traveling and "teleporting" to another location. In other words, a difference between being unstuck in time vs. being unstuck in space.
Can the two happen simultaneously?
Well, sure, it is volatile and unpredictable. Is that what happened in the Orchid station orientation video with bunny #15?

1 comment:

Kyle said...

Yep, I think your theory is still dead-on, thanks to this little tidbit!

I'm hoping we get more revealed about this from Ben and/or Faraday during part 2. With the part 2 promo, you have Ben telling Jack (apparently) that he'd better be on the freighter within an hour.

So, you've got two people in the know - Ben and Faraday - saying that, if you want off the island, you'd better go NOW. I think, from a writing perspective, that really demands an explanation to your audience. I hope we get a good one that will last us over the break!