Friday, May 2, 2008

Ep 4.10 Something Nice Back Home

I guess after ending with Ben and Widmore squaring off last week, a let down is kind of innevitable. In the immortal words of Randy Jackson, "this one was just a'ight for me, you know? I wasn't really feelin it." At least no one was pitchy.

So what did we learn? There were a few interesting moments:

1. Christian Sheppard is playing a behind the scenes role. It was cool to see him holding Aaron and to hear Claire say "dad?" But I really wanted that scene between him and Jack. I guess we'll have to wait. My guess is that Jack will see him before he leaves the island, and Christian will explain that he (Jack) is meant to be on the island, that he has work to do, that Claire is his sister, and that he is not supposed to raise his nephew, Aaron. I got the distinct impression when Hurley delivered Charlie's message that Jack had heard this once before. Someone had a theory about "Jacob" being like Scrooge's Jacob Marley. Well, we are sure seeing the visits from the ghosts, aren't we?

2. The island wants Jack to stay -- thus the problem with his apendix. Jack is not supposed to leave the island. But we already kind of knew that, didn't we? Still, it was interesting to see Rose put that piece together. Jack is still fighting that destiny, and we see the missing piece between the Jack at Kate's trial and the bearded drug-abusing Jack.

3. Sawyer chose to stay. That was an interesting reveal. Do you think he chose to stay because he is still determined to find the missing Claire?

4. Future Kate has her teeth capped -- like oversized chiklets. Distracting. But the rest of her ain't too bad.

Maybe there are some other interesting things that I missed, but I don't know -- it was my least favorite episode of the season. What did you think?


Melissa said...

I'm with you brotha.

I think the best scene was between Hurly & Jack. I feel so bad for Hurly. He's like a stray puppy at the pound. I just wanted Jack to take him home.

It was interesting to see the "jack fight" between Kate & Juliet come to an end. With Juliet acknowledging he loves Kate. I think she will be killed on the Island and that could be another reason Jack wants to leave.

I guess this also explains why at the trial Jack didn't want to see Aaron. Maybe his Dad freaked him about about even seeing him- But Jack decides not to listen, again.

"Listen, It twas a forgettable performance compared to what we've already seen, but you know-people like you and it twas good enough to make it through to the next week."

Into the Wood's said...

I agree with both of you about the let down except that when Jack & Kate were playing house it was nice to see them happy together for that minute. And I wondered what Kate was doing for Sawyer. At first I thought she was being a pawn for Ben and was surprised she said Sawyer--

Anyway, I'll have to tape Thursday because we're gone for a couple of days-- By the way, David cracks up at Butt Prints (no pun intended)

Stewart Van Buskirk said...

Ya, I like the scene between Jack and Kate too, if you know what I mean, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Stewart Van Buskirk said...

Bye the way, check this out: